Winsted is a worldwide leader in control room consoles and technical furniture solutions. Winsted Custom Division creates attractive, ergonomic control room consoles that work with your operators to improve comfort and optimize efficiency. Our control room design experts combine the disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics and interior design to create solutions that are both efficient and eye-catching. We give special consideration to the ergonomic requirements of your operators to build consoles that reduce fatigue, improve productivity and inspire. Winsted’s commitment to customer service is second-to-none and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Winsted Custom Division first opened its doors as ‘The Human Factor Inc.” in 1981 with a focus on Nuclear Power Control Rooms. The owner and patent holder, Richard Brice was able to corner this very specific market with attention to detail and by accommodating the Nuclear Power Industries strict regulations and providing extensive documentation for materials, seismic resistance and ergonomics for the custom built furniture.

During this period new technology meant that control rooms needed to accommodate digital control upgrades, which meant shifting from standing at the control panels to working through a monitor and keyboard.  The old furniture was no longer ergonomic. The Human Factor Inc. was able to provide furniture designed specifically to the required NUREG Ergonomic standards and still accommodate rigorous install schedules and high security.

Our expertise in industrial design means that we can build just about anything you can imagine. Turnkey installations include seismic raised floors, acoustical paneling and wall panels in addition to the control room consoles.  Our history of getting every detail right means that if the user needs something, we can make it happen, and make sure it is done right.

The name changed to Technical Interiors shortly before being purchased by OAO Technology Solutions, Inc in 1998.  We explored new markets including security, government projects, and engine testing consoles, as well as other types of power generation control rooms. Winsted purchased Technical Interiors in 2002 and further increased the markets we service while expanding the business, and still providing control room solutions for nuclear power plants.

In 2010 the name changed for the final time to Winsted Custom Division.  From concept to reality, we work with you to develop custom console solutions for the most demanding control room applications, regardless of the scale or complexity.