Education Consoles & Technical Furniture

Winsted Custom Division consoles and technical furniture is utilized in schools for an increasingly wide range of applications. Our security consoles and reception desks are being used to monitor video surveillance and enhance security in schools and educational facilities across the country. Digital desks and media workstations are being incorporated in school computer labs and in-house video production facilities in educational institutions ranging from elementary schools to universities.

Winsted Custom Division’s broad selection of technical furniture and console designs adapt easily to countless needs within schools and educational facilities. The ergonomic designs of Winsted's consoles make them comfortable and efficient to use, while their durable construction allows them to withstand years of rigorous use.  Whether you need a compact security console or a collection of consoles to create a computer lab, Winsted’s seasoned sales reps can help you choose the right technical furniture and design the perfect configuration to meet your needs. Contact us for help with console designs, room layouts or a quote.