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1.1 Low voltage operator consoles see attached Appendix "A." For Typical Console Assembly see attached Appendix "B."

1.2 The contractor shall supply a system capable of supporting specified electronics.

1.3 The system shall be comprised of floor mounted base pedestals, below the work surface base modules (minimum of 14U per module) and above the work surface top modules assembled together to form an operator console.

1.4 The system shall have a minimum 1" (25mm) thick MDF core laminated work surface. The work surface shall be not less than 18" (457mm) deep overall and should include a 3" (76mm) deep wrist support covering the work surfaces entire front width.

1.5 Modular top compartments shall allow for a minimum of 8° slope away from the operator for all electronics placed above 28" (711mm) in height from floor level.

1.6 Add-on top modules shall allow for a vertical or a tilt of 12° towards the user for all electronics placed above 40" (1016mm) in height from floor level.

1.7 Top modules shall be provided with removable equipment finishing masks or surrounds cut to the size of the face of the specified electronics.



2.1 The system shall preferably comply with Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) listing 62Y4. Copy of the certificate of approval to be submitted upon request.

2.2 The system shall comply with Electronic Industry Association (E.I.A.) specifications for rack mounting ANSI/EIA standard RS-310.



3.1 The contractor shall supply five sets of scaled drawings for each console assembly showing the location of all the specified electronics in isometric view in addition to a plan (top) and front views.

3.1 The specification of sizes and dimensions shown in the drawings shall have a tolerance of not more than +/- 0.062" (1.6mm).



All components within the system shall be:

4.1 Of a pre-engineered modular construction, i.e: constructed from a series of independent sectional compartments.

4.2 Available from a pre-defined set of manufacturers model numbers.

4.3 In common production for at least two years prior to the date of submission.

4.4 Free from alterations to the design either prior to or following installation, will be accomplished without the need for either welding or carpentry work.

4.5 Capable of cables or conduits passing through the entire width of the system without obstruction.

4.6 Modules may be supplied larger than 19" (483mm) E.I.A. specifications to accommodate specific electronics but all modules must be capable of supporting E.I.A. standard 19" (483mm) width rack mounted equipment whether or not the originally specified electronics are of 19" (483mm) width E.I.A. dimensions.

4.7 Of modules constructed of a steel superstructure framework with external attachable side panels in steel or wood.


The self supporting skeleton framework shall:

5.1 Be installed onto the site in advance of any external finishing panels. The framework shall be fully capable of supporting all specified electronics without the need for attachment of any external panels.

5.2 Be supplied with four sets of standard E.I.A. rack rails per module measured in standard rack unit (U) sizes i.e: inner rack rails and outer rack rails in pairs, one pair of each type mounted at the front and rear of each modular section. (See attached Appendix "C" drawing for typical design details.) Outer rack rails shall be removable.

5.3 Be capable of being supplied to site in knockdown (flat packed) form and be capable of assembly using interlocking tie bars and secure with bolts, without welding or carpentry work.

5.4 Include front and rear elevation individual modular frame sections that are pre-welded before delivery to site and constructed of 14, 16 and 18 gauge* (.074" , .059" , .047") sheet metal. Front and rear frame sections shall be secured together by use of removable 14 gauge (.074") interlocking tie bars and 1/4-20 bolts. All welds exposed to the front shall be filed smooth and sharp contours eliminated.


6.1 Pedestals to be at least 2-1/2" (64mm) in height and capable of supporting fully loaded top module cabinets with a maximum loading of 1000 lbs. (453 kg) per pedestal.

6.2 An 18 gauge (.047") stainless steel kick plate cover shall be attached to the front section of the pedestal.

6.3 A central through cable way shall be provided within each pedestal to allow access from under a raised floor into the enclosed console or vertical rack assembly.

6.4 Each pedestal shall include adjustable levelers providing for an adjustment of +/- 0.750" (19mm) per leveler, fitted to the pedestals and/or together with heavy duty 2-1/2" (64mm) plate casters (four each per pedestal).

6.5 Once the console is placed in the desired position it shall become possible to adjust the leveler to a position which exceeds the casters own fixed position from the pedestals base.


7.1 Exterior steel finishing panels shall be a minimum of 20 gauge (.035") sheet metal and attached to the self supporting superstructure framework. All fastening to be unseen from external view.

7.2 Side and rear finishing panels shall be either slide on or lift off type to facilitate ease of access for servicing and shall not require any further mechanical support to provide a secure connection to the system. For permanent connection additional external fastening shall be supplied.

7.3 Steel or wood finishing panels may be applied following final termination test and commissioning of the specified electronics or earlier as directed, to facilitate a timely and efficient installation and to minimize potential damage to the exterior of the system by others.


8.1 All exterior and frame steel components including drawers, blank panels and shelving shall be zinc oxide wash primer with a baked enamel paint finish of the following specifications:.

8.2 Side, top, and rear panels, drawers, shelving, and blank filler panels are to be in the following color: 10732 pearl grey.

8.3 Self supporting frames and work surface supports are to be supplied in the following color: 10734 dove grey.

8.4 All wooden components are to be supplied with a high pressure laminate covering the MDF core.


9.1 A full range of additional fittings shall be available including detailed isometric scaled drawings of each item from standard stock model numbers including:.

9.2 Blank panels, vented panels, (1U, 2U, 5U and 7U) sliding drawers, (2U, 3U, 5U and 6U) rack mount universal stationary shelves, sliding pullout shelves, plexiglas and solid steel doors, plate casters, and sliding pullout computer keyboard shelving.

9.3 Same color and type matching E.I.A. standard structured equipment vertical racks shall be available in the following sizes: 14U, 20U, 32U, 40U and 45U heights.


10.1 Mounting hardware for the specified electronics shall be available upon request. Panel bolts, washers, and clips with captive nuts suitable for use with E.I.A. standard punched rack rails shall be included.

10.2 Slide kits, where appropriate (including drawers) shall be of ball bearing operation. Friction or roller type slides are not acceptable.


11.1 Fully detailed assembly instructions in the English language shall be supplied with both written and pictorial descriptions for each item/model numbered component.


12.1 Each component part number shall be independently marked and packed into double or triple ply corrugated outer cartons and shall be suitable for storage and shipping to site without damage.


13.1 The manufacturer shall provide a written ten year guarantee against defects of all component parts, material and workmanship under normal use.
* American Standard Wire Gauge (ASWG)