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1.1 Compact/Mobile Video Centers. See Appendixes "A" thru "D" for typical frames and measurements.
1.2 The contractor shall supply desk/workstation which supports specified monitors, computers and multimedia systems.

1.3 The system shall be comprised of ample work surface and sufficient space for monitors and equipment. Shelves shall be adjustable to the appropriate height in 1" (25mm) increments throughout the entire height of console. Space for extra computer CPU's or system towers shall exist in a rack cabinet. (See Section A for general rack specifications.)

1.4 The system will have a minimum 1" (25mm) thick MDF core, laminated work surface and the work surface should include a rubber contoured edging to act as an edge guard.

1.5 The contour edging shall offer a method of color accenting by pressing the user's choice of various vinyl colored cords into predesigned grooves in the edging.

1.6 The system shall have a cable management system that provides logical, discrete routing of video/monitor cables.

1.7 There shall be a liftoff rear panel for easy access to electronics or cable management system.

1.8 Shelves shall be capable of mounting to the left or the right at the user's choice.

1.9 Entire depth of the console shall be no more than 28" (711mm) to allow movement through doorways.

1.10 Pullout shelves shall pull out 13" (330mm).

1.11 Mini-Consoles shall have floor glides and 3" (76mm) dual wheel casters (two locking).



2.1 All racks within the system shall comply with the Electronic Industry Association's (E.I.A.) specifications for rack mounting ANSI/EIA standard RS-310.


3.1 If necessary, the contractor shall supply five sets of scaled drawings for each desk and/or rack cabinet showing location of all the specified electronics in isometric view in addition to a room plan containing top and front views.
3.2 The specification of sizes and dimensions shown in the drawings shall have a tolerance of not more than +/- 0.062" (1.6mm).



4.1 Console components shall be of pre-engineered modular construction, i.e: constructed from a series of independent sectional frames, shelves and risers.
4.2 Be available from a pre-defined set of manufacturers model numbers.

4.3 Have been in common production for at least two years prior to the date of submission.

4.4 Rack cabinets that accompany consoles must be capable of supporting equipment with E.I.A. standard 19" (483mm) width E.I.A. dimensions.

4.5 Rack cabinets shall be constructed of a steel superstructure framework with side panels in steel or wood that matches or compliments the console and also have a matching laminated top surface.



5.1 Mini-console work surface, rack cabinet tops, and monitor risers shall be made of 1" thick (25mm) medium density core, laminated material.
5.2 Framework shall be made of 18 gauge (.047") steel.

5.3 Rack cabinet skeletal frames shall be pre-welded and constructed of 14, 16 and 18 gauge (.074", .059", .047") sheet metal. Front and rear frame sections shall be secured by removable 14 gauge (.074") interlocking tie bars with collared rivet in keyhole slot and 1/4-20 bolts. All welds exposed to the front shall be filed smooth.

5.4 All components shall be shipped either fully assembled or knocked down to save shipping costs. All assembly must be possible of on site construction without welding or carpentry work.



6.1 All exterior and frame steel components including shelves, monitor riser supports, pullout shelf, frames, accessories, etc. shall have a zinc oxide wash primer with a black baked-on textured enamel paint finish. Standard work surfaces and monitor risers shall have a black granite laminate.


7.1 A full range of optional accessories are available including but not limited to:
7.2 Shelves, pullout shelves, swivel shelves, recessed monitor tray and keyboard shelf, extension shelves, extension legs, paper trays, panel channel wiring duct, cup holder, power outlets, chairs, paper trays, pullout keyboard tray and drawers.



8.1 Fully detailed assembly instructions in the English language shall be supplied with both written and pictorial descriptions for each item/model numbered component.


9.1 Each component part number shall be independently marked and packed into double or triple ply corrugated outer cartons and shall be suitable for storage and shipping to site without damage.


10.1 The manufacturer shall provide a written ten year guarantee against defects of all component parts, material, and workmanship under normal use.