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1.1 High capacity tape storage systems. See Appendix "A" for typical configuration and measurements.
1.2 The contractor shall supply a storage system which supports specified estimates of the number and type of media to be stored. The type of media shall include, but not be limited to, audio/video tapes, CDs, and 8mm, 4mm, and DAT cassettes.

1.3 The system shall provide the number and types of shelves required and the ability to adjust them up or down in increments of 1-1/2" (38mm).

1.4 Additional shelving shall be readily available when needed.

1.5 Tape cabinets shall be constructed of: 18 gauge (.0478") corner posts, formed in a "T" or "L" formation joined by 24 gauge (.023") closure sheet shelves - 20 gauge (.0359") shelf supports - 14 gauge (.0747") and be installed on a movable carriage base constructed extruded and cast aluminum.

1.6 The cabinet and carriage system shall move on a low profile carriage track system constructed of 1/2" x 1/2" (13 x 13mm) zinc plated steel track. (See Appendix "B" for carriage/track assembly measurements and options.)

1.7 An extruded aluminum anti-tip version of track with a steel insert, and a Patented anti-tip Delrin injection molded bracket shall be available (Appendix "B").

1.8 A mechanical drive system shall be available as an option which is operated by a wheel & hand grip.



2.1 If necessary, the contractor shall supply five sets of scaled drawings for each cabinet and shelf configuration with estimates of the media storage capacity.
2.2 The specification of sizes and dimensions shown in the drawings shall have a tolerance of not more than +/- 0.062" (1.6mm).



3.1 Component shelves, cabinets and carriage/track assemblies shall be of a pre-engineered metal construction.
3.2 They shall be available from a pre-defined set of manufacturers model numbers.

3.3 They shall have been in common production for at least two years prior to the date of submission.



4.1 Cabinets, shelves and carriage components shall be constructed of steel or aluminum components.
4.2 Cabinets, and carriage components shall be of pre-welded and formed construction. All exposed welds shall be filed smooth and sharp corners eliminated.

4.3 Anti-tip track shall be of extruded aluminum with a steel insert.

4.4 Wheels are machined steel with a sealed bearing inserted, load rating of 1440 lbs. dynamic and 1660 lbs. static load for easy movement of carriages.

4.5 All components shall be shipped knocked down to save shipping costs. All assembly must be possible of on site construction without further welding or carpentry work.



5.1 All cabinet shelving shall have a zinc oxide wash primer with a grey baked enamel finish and carriages a clear bright dip anodized finish.


6.1 A full range of optional accessories are available including but not limited to:
6.2 Tape shelf label holders, tape stops, pullout work shelves, cabinet handle, and mechanical drive.



7.1 Fully detailed assembly instructions in the English language shall be supplied with both written and pictorial descriptions for each item/model numbered component.


8.1 Each component part number shall be independently marked and packed in double or triple ply corrugated outer cartons and shall be suitable for storage and shipping to site without damage.


9.1 The manufacturer shall provide a written ten year warranty against defects of all component parts, material and workmanship under normal use.