Ergonomic Control Room Consoles from Winsted

efficiency and comfort in your working environment

Workstation Specification

In the design of a control room console it is necessary to determine if the workstation will be used as an isolated unit or in conjunction with overview displays or other workstations. The height of the console should be calculated so the shortest operator can see over the top of any workstations mounted electronics to remote monitor walls or displays, and the clearance underneath the work surface should allow for the tallest operator to sit comfortably.

Ergonomic Trends

With all of the new ergonomic trends happening concurrently, the technical furniture industry and Winsted have evolved to create new ergonomic control room console designs that are not only functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing in form. Of course, very few control centers have the same form or function. For example, the number of cameras, operators, console equipment, and aesthetic requirements may differ largely within the control room of a campus security office, a communication center, a process control plant, and a nuclear power plant.

The Changing Face Of Console Design

The Ergonomic Design Approach of control consoles and workstations and the layout of the control room should all contribute to achieving the performance objectives set for the control room. Every aspect of interaction between man and machine and the environment should be considered. From raised flooring to acoustic concerns to indirect lighting and the wellbeing, health and safety of each operator all need to be addressed. Winsted Custom Division is devoted to creating a console that exceeds your technical requirements for the operators in your control room.