Flexibility to transform your space

DuPont™ Corian® is the most durable work surface Winsted Custom Division offers.  The colors and shapes provide limitless design possibilities and provide high-end aesthetics, even after years of demanding 24/7/365 use.


Select the right edge treatment for your work surface from a variety of options from Corian.


Below are some popular Corian work surface options for your console.


Control room consoles with multiple levels of monitors can benefit to having a monitor bucket to improve sightlines. Corian has the flexibility to create a seamless angle to the lower surface for a cohesive look. Corian also provides the ability to fabricate just about any radius you can dream up. You are no longer limited to mold sizes that Urethane edges have available.

Keyboard Stop

A strip of Corian can be adhered to create a keyboard stop so that a keyboard can rest on the sloped surface. This is popular among the power generation control rooms that require many keyboards some of which are rarely used.

Spill Stop

A spill stop can prevent pencils or liquids from going down the sloped surface.

Small Turret

Small pushbuttons for gate controls, e-stops, or small switches can be built out of Corian and will match the work surface so they aren’t as obtrusive. (Please note that Winsted does not provide electronics or wiring services.)

Large Turret

Large Corian turrets use a tube steel frame for structure and still provide the matching aesthetic for rack mountable equipment.  A rack plate can also be custom cut to your hole and switch specifications and even replaced with a new plate as improvements are made after the final installation.


DuPont™ Corian® solid work surface is a solid, nonporous, homogeneous surfacing material, composed of 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural mineral.


RESTORABLE: Scratches can be easily buffed out, so even a 10-year-old countertop can look new again. Gouges can be filled and repaired, unlike other work surfaces which might need to be completely replaced. 


Easy to clean: Soapy water can remove most dirt and residue. It is nonporous, so spills and stains remain on the surface. Corian is chemically resistant to a multitude of materials.


SEAMLESS: Large and long work surfaces can be seamless and continuous due to the seaming process. This eliminates rims within consoles that trap dirt and provide improved hygiene.  Joints are unobtrusive, impermeable and hygienic, creating a seamless appearance.


DURABILITY: Colors and patterns run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away or delaminate.  Corian keeps its good looks longer and survives the impacts, nicks and cuts that may mar other surfaces.  Should any damage occur, it can be repaired on site, saving labor and resources.  Learn more about the technical performance properties of Corian solid work surfaces.


Hygienic: With no pores or voids like tile, wood, granite or marble, Corian is very hygienic.  Mold and mildew are easily removed from Corian, leaving no visible damage as may occur with other materials.  When Corian looks clean, it really is clean.


Fire resistant: Corian is flame resistant and small burn marks can be wiped away.


 GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFICATION: DuPont™ Corian is nontoxic and non-allergenic to humans. It meets or exceeds emissions guidelines for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.  Corian is an inert, nontoxic, chemically unreactive, hypoallergenic material.  There is virtually no off-gassing at normal room temperatures.  Even when exposed to direct flame, Corian is one of the least toxic materials available.  Read about the low environmental impact of Corian.


DuPont™ Corian Product Overview


Many Colors Available


 Corian is shipped to the Winsted Custom Division’s facility in Duluth, GA in 3'x12' sheets. We use our CNC machine to cut the sheets to shape and glue them together to create the shape of the countertop. All of our control room consoles are dry fit in our warehouse to insure everything fits together properly before the custom console ships. Corian typically ships in a crate separate from the console and during the On Site Assembly it is permanently adhered to the console frame and seamed to create a smooth seamless countertop.




How you use your console and control room should direct your color decision for the work surface. If your control room is generally dark, you may consider a medium to dark tone worksurface and use task lights. If your control room is well lit you may consider a medium to light tone work surface. We generally recommend a small to medium sized pattern. Medium sized patterns reduce the contrast of a white sheet of paper on the work surface more than a small pattern or no pattern. Large patterns can be noticeable where the Corian is seamed together, since so much of the pattern is disrupted.  Corian worksurfaces are not buffed to a high gloss. We use a medium gloss to reduce glare from monitors, video walls, and lights.